MICRO SHADOWS ~ ISBN  0-9765286-7-3,  a 14 page book, uses microShadows.xls and the
book and spreadsheets are
in ZIP form  here.  Build A Horizontal Sun Dial.    A 14 page booklet on build then fix a
horizontal dial.  Shows how to do it, but no theory.    
If you like it, try SIMPLE SHADOWS or better still buy
Illustrating Time's Shadow
Sundial Sun Dial Sundials Sun Dials Design Book Books articlesspreadsheets Gnomics Gnomonics Horology Dialling Dialing Clocks EOT
Equation of time Middleton Sciathics Lunar Moon construction hobby gnomon cutout popup building astro compass astrocompass shepherd ogee
azimuth altitude hour angle
CUBIC SHADOWS ~ ISBN 0-9765286-6-5   uses cubicShadows.xls and the book and
spreadsheets (and a DeltaCAD macro also) are
in ZIP form here. That cubicShadows spreadsheet covers H, V,
V-DEC, Q, A, and P dials as well as altitude and azimuth. It has garphical depictions in the Excel and Open Office
versions.  Like Simple Shadows but includes multi face dial design, 54+ pages.
Updated with more ideas for
small cube dials December 2014
  If you like it, buy Illustrating Time's Shadow
Lino and wood cuts, and wood engraving ~ my book on lino cuts,  
wood cuts, and a tiny bit on wood engraving. How to screw them all up, and then how to fix them when you
have. Invaluable for a lino or wood cut artist.
                                                                                                     F R E E
FREE ~ CUTTING SHADOWS ~ ISBN  0-9765286-2-2
SUNDIAL CUTOUT BOOKLET ~ Equatorial, polar, east and a west meridian, and 2 horizontal dials. Has EOT as well as Italian line
data.  Great for kids of ALL ages. Has popup dials also, see below. Some of these are in the main book. These templates are cut
out, ahve protractors built in, and work for all latitudes.
FREE ~  POPUP SHADOWS   ~  Paper cutout 3d popup dial for latitude 32 (two of them) and how to change latitude see picture here!  
Extracted from CUTTING SHADOWS see above.
SIMPLE SHADOWS ~ ISBN 0-9765286-5-7    uses simpleShadows.xls and the book
spreadsheets are
in ZIP form here .   Like Micro Shadows but it includes theory, tables, and templates, 45
pages.    If you like it, try
CUBIC SHADOWS, or better still, buy  Illustrating Time's Shadow
Free book all about the analemma, and free software to design them
Free book of the nomograms for all sorts (different from the above) of dialing needs.
download Cubic Shadows if you want to go beyond the horizontal dials
Micro Shadows is as simple as it gets, if you want more, download Simple Shadows
available for smartphone also
available for smartphone also
available for smartphone also
ILLUSTRATING TIME'S SHADOW itself is not free, but. . . . .
Appendices ~ This is 180+ pages of the complete appendices ~ complete unabridged and expanded, free, please
download it.
This is a legacy booklet, replaced by SIMPLE SHADOWS, so Micro Shadows will no longer be updated.
Programming Shadows ~ covers available programming systems and languages, very old to very new, as well
as programming methods, and techniques. Addresses the IBM 1401 and 360, then C, C++, C#, ADA, ALGOL, FORTRAN, and then
later languages such as PASCAL and the BASIC series as well as JAVA, JavScript and the scientific packages like Euler, Octave, and
Scilab. Code for six CAD systems, code for SQRT and the trig functions. Methods of going from geometry to trig to code. Etc. Some
400+ pages, and it is
FREE. Use it in your computer classes!
Supplemental Shadows ~ is a wonderful preview of Illustrating Time's Shadow, and has articles the author
wrote, they lie somewhere between the big book and the appendices.