Privacy Policy for Illustrating Shadows
GDPR compliant

This privacy policy is Illustrating Shadows commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information.

How your privacy is protected

No ordering information is retained online period. No credit card information, check information, etc, is retained
period (because Pay Pal does not provide that information in the first place). And this site only accepts Pay Pal for
payments of the printed books or CDs.

Sharing and Usage

Illustrating Shadows never shares or sells individual personal information with anyone period, unless ordered by a
court of law (that hasn't happened in the history of this website).  Information you submit is only available to process
your order for a printed book.  No online downloads are tracked, no IP address
es are retained.

How can you stop receiving email from Illustrating Shadows

You will only receive an e-mail notification of an order, or shipment.  Any other e-mail would have to originate from
you.  You will not receive "junk mail" or future unsolicited email from Illustrating Shadows.  


This website does not use cookies. Some sites that are linked to, use cookies, such as Pay Pal


Some java script programs can display your lat/long location, but you permit or deny that, and the location is NOT
saved in any file, and it is not shared with anyone other than you.