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Algol 68         

(free system available from...  see url below)

The only system that I have been able to find is at:-


(two horizontal dial programs, one is simple
tabular output, the other is a cleaner tabular
output AND graphics as was done in the 60s)

While this is a free open source system, and is a command line system, it runs on Windows XP and Windows Vista win64. To make
the system easier to use, I provide a batch file which brings up the horizontal dial source program, you exit that, then the Algol system
runs the program.

NOTE: The Algol system is open license and the downloadable executable from the Algol Genie author's is in a “tgz” form but
downloads as a
“.tar” file, so you must change the “.tar” suffix back to “.tgz” because Winzip will otherwise get very upset. The system
is  open source, so my zip file has everything you will need. The Illustrating Shadows web site zip file is normal zip format.

With the exception of download changing the executable suffix (see above), it worked first time, has a manual, and works. I have, as
always, placed into my notes the command line to compile, and my notes also have a batch file to do it all, and it begins with editing
the program, then compiling, then linking, then running, then viewing the output.  

This is part of my battle to bring back the legacy languages so diallists can have fun with their journey into gnomonics. I learned Algol
for the
Elliott 803 computer at college, after which I learned the IBM 1401 system (Autocoder and SPS) then the IBM 360 system.

this file which has my notes, the source program, the Algol system and documentation, all open license.
download Programming
Shadows, it is free, and has
many hints to get you up to
speed on many languages