programming C C++ CPP sundials sun dials
For no obvious reason except for completeness, there are a
couple of programs using the free BASIC programming system
for the Android:-


Read the notes on this BASIC page because where
you place the above file(s) is not where HELP in
X-11 BASIC says you should.
Illustrating Time's Shadow
ISBN 978-0-9960026-0-8
Lib Cong 2014904839
Merges Illustrating Shadows and Illustrating More
Shadows, deletes duplicated material, and
techniques that are complex and replaced by
easier methods, adds new material.
Hands on, empirical, geometric, trigonometric, CAD,  and spreadsheet dial design
for small dials plus garden dials using common masonry supplies, clay, and glass,
with emphasis on many calendar line techniques, and inclined decliners, while
providing details on the use of DeltaCAD programming including the animation of
many sheets as parameters vary.  Case studies abound with associated problems
solved, and cover the infamous inclined decliner, as well as all the other kinds of
outdoor dials.  The printed book comes with a CD of booklets, spreadsheets,
VRML/WRL files, templates, etc with the printed book. The CD has all books and
booklets and programs along with source code.  
You can get the printed book and
CD, or an online download here.
Excel for the Android  
Kingsoft Office is a good bet
... AND ALSO TRY ...
The illustratingShadows.xls spreadsheets have been
here for smartphones, specifically the Android

e-Droid-cell Light  for the Android is free for the lite
version, there is an upgrade to the Pro version also.

RE-DRAW the sheet after ANY cell data change, but
October 11, 2015 version may not need it.
(1) Copy the sundial spreadsheet files to the
Android using the USB cable to [my GDocs] or
some other folder
(2) Open e-Droid-cell
(3) scroll the opening screen to [my GDocs] or
some other folder
(4) open a spreadsheet  

To alter something, such as a Julian day or a
latitude, etc

(1) tap the cell
(2) then tap the data in the pop up cell window
which then brings up a keyboard
(3) then enter new data
(4) tap OK, it then goes to the next cell
(5) to get out of edit mode, tap the bottom right
blue icon, or, scroll the keyboard down
. . .depending on the formulae and
. . .complexity, it may or may not recalculate
. . .everything, so...
(6) then menu
(7) then MORE
(8) then scrool down to REDRAW which
recalculates everything.

This spreadsheet works!    
LG users: To
enter a
in a
numeric field,
tell it that it is a
formula and
enter:      =-nnn
tell it is text and
enter  -nnn
Always do a menu,
more, redraw
formula errors in
order to ensure
correct values.
smart phone spread sheets here
Oct 13, 2015)
use e-droid-lite or Kingsoft spreadsheets
Tools for the Android
Useful tools for the diallist using an Android:-

1.     SPIRIT LEVEL PLUS (also free) by
Androidka. The calibrate function works
better than for other spirit levels I have

2.     Compass Pro   by Mobile Essentials
A bit more functional than other
compasses I tried

3.     a clock widget

I have the Calendar and Calculator on the same page
as these tools, as well as the weather.

Always ensure you calibrate the compass and
spirit level. Test any tools you use to make sure
they work for you and on your cel phone.
Similarly, test the spreadsheet you decide to use
especially to see if it updates automatically, or
whether you must tell it to redraw, and if you
must redraw, see how many times you must
have it redraw so all formulae are recalculated.
NOTE: smart phones dont use .ZIP files
Try "Sol Et Umbra" for Androids
Excel for the Android  
e-Droid-cell is a good bet
The illustrating-shadows.xls spreadsheets have been
reworked for PDAs, specifically the

Kingsoft Office Suite ~ I was sceptical, but I have to admit that
this is a very good spreadsheet system.
Here is their web
page, and you can download it from Android Play Store. And it
works first time. Select a cell, double click to edit it, return to go
back to the spreadsheet, and voila, the entire sheet is
updated. It works with my spreadsheets.

Automatically updates a sheet when any call data changes.

Do not switch between e-droid-cell and Kingsoft, stick with one
or the other. If you save in Kingsoft and open in e-droid-cell
then teh format is incompatible, save in .xlsx or just save
again.  Best idea is use one or the other, not both.

The date function does not update automatically in this
version of Kingsoft. The only spreadsheet affected is
the almanac, so just overtype the "=today()" with the