programming JustBASIC BASIC sundials sun dials
Mobile BASIC                  
a free BASIC system ~ the free version has a very limited file size
Click here for JustBASIC sundial programs
or here for the executables as well
a free BASIC system
 is where programs must reside but placing them there
                                              does not mean x11-basic will find them, because HELP is wrong...
phone \bas                         put them here instead

The BASIC sysntax for IF, FOR, and functions differs from other BASIC implementations such as JustBASIC.
However, I have the following programs working for the Android.   

AndroidHdial.bas                            a simple latitude corrected hDial with longitude correction
                                              supports decimal lat and long
AndroidAlmanac.bas                       sunrise, set, alt and azi, eot and long corr
August 18, 2013 with users lat/long now shown
                                               and cleaned up prompts

I am not putting a lot of effort into this because better tools exist such as the spreadsheets. This exists only for one reason,
namely that you can play with it if you are into BASIC. The X11-BASIC system also works on Windows. Bring up
X11-BASIC, enter:-      LOAD "AndroidAlmanac.bas"        and then RUN     and follow the prompts. The almanac has
extra code that works but is commented out to conserve the android screen.
download Programming Shadows, it is
free, and has many hints to get you up to
speed on many languages