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The illustratingShadows.xls spreadsheets have been reworked for
smartphones. Works on all the spreadsheet apps I have tested (on the
a2.2 suns LHA.xls
a2.3 long-to-time.xls
a2.4 julian days.xls
a2.6 time-zones.xls
a2.9 mag to true.xls
a3.1 v-h dials.xls
a3.1 v-h dials with graphs.xls
a3.2 ceiling data.xls             
a4.1 suns altitude.xls
a4.2 suns azimuth.xls
a4.3 analemmatic dial.xls
a4.4 calendar curves.xls
a5.1 vertical decliner.xls
a5.1 vdec sws formula.xls      
a6.3 sunrise set EOT~Lat.xls
a6.4 sunset and italian lines.xls
a9.9 graph hour lines.xls
a0.0 almanac.xls                                
a0.0 analemma figure of eight.xls      
a0.0 astro compass.xls
a0.0 inclined decliner.xls
a0.0 planispheric astrolabe.xls
a0.0 unknown dial.xls
a0.0 wall-declination.xls
a1.1 trig.xls
a2.1 EOT astro mini.xls
a2.1 EOT astro.xls
a2.1 EOT other.xls
a2.10 meridian polar hour-calendar.xls
a2.11 daily declination.xls
a2.12 equatorial calendar radius.xls
a2.13 armillary calendar line distances.xls
A collection of spreadsheets ready for Documents To Go or Quick Office
on a PDA   
  (this is also to be found in the Excel page)
Excel for the
Check for the Android here
Check the online Java Script almanac , and
hDial, vDial, and vDec (and calendar curves)
dial genertors which work on iPhones and
Androids also
This page is obsolete.
Most smartphones have Excel
My spreadsheets for PDAs work well
and they also work well on a PC.