Appendix 1        Geometry and trigonometry
Trigonometric functions and geometrical rules and circular measures
Tables of trig values – sin, cos, and tan

Appendix 2        Tables independent of latitude or longitude
Julian day
Declination of the sun by the day
The equation of time, generic and astronomical, and century comparisons
Sun's apparent  hour angle, and standard time to hour angle
Longitude to time
Aids to locating north, compass correction and astro compass, noon transit time
Latitude, Longitude, Magnetic declination information

Appendix 3        Location dependant ~ miscellaneous dial hour line data
Hour line angles for horizontal and vertical dials latitude 30 to 60
Reflecting or ceiling dial information.
Polar and Meridian dial tables because they are not latitude dependant
Equatorial calendar line radii and sunset line distance data

Appendix 4        Location dependant ~ Tables of altitude, azimuth,  and calendar data
Table for analemmatic dials – angle to hour point, and analemma
Tables for calendar lines for flat dials lat 0-65, declinations 23.5, 0, -23.5
Conversion of style linear length and linear height for several latitudes

Appendix 5        Location dependant ~ Vertical decliners, and miscellaneous useful data
Mostly south facing decliner hour line angles and SD and SH
Mostly east or west facing great decliner hour line angles
Tables for the great decliner (vertical), east/west gnomon adjustment

Appendix 6        Sunrises and sunsets ~ for some longitudes and latitudes.
Several ways of finding sunrise and sunset.
Sunrise, sunset, day-length for Italian and Babylonian etc lines - many latitudes

Appendix 7        Proofs and derivations ~ Geometric, trigonometric, and etc
Durer geometrical model for many hour angle dials
Vertical decliner hour lines, SD and SH, calendar curves, and DL
Altitude/azimuth pole determination, reflecting dials
Derivation of the planispheric astrolabe geometrically and trigonometrically
Southern hemisphere considerations,

Appendix 8        Formulae
Constants and variables
Spreadsheet formulae issues
Actual and apparent inconsistencies in the three "classic books" on sundials

Appendix 9        Templates ~ for various dial construction methods
Paper cut out dials
Paper popup dials

Appendix 10        Bibliography ~ and cross references
Books, software, other references, sundial parts,
sundial numerals often used
Miscellaneous dates, Limiting hours by dial type
Trivia, Safety tips
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