Illustrating Time's Shadow
ISBN   978-0-9960026-0-8
Library of Congress Control Number: 2014904839
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Illustrating Time's Shadow ~ the "big" book   
Introduction   a walk around the garden and a simple horizontal dial project
chapter 1        the universe and how the stars revolve
chapter 2        the solar system and how the Earth and sun interact                 
chapter 3        the planet Earth and its tilted axis and the seasons, solar declination
chapter 4        the evolution of the sundial
chapter 5        the equation of time or EOT, orbits and the tilted axis  
chapter 6        methods of finding north
chapter 7        geometry and math for sundials
chapter 8        general interest about sundials
chapter 9        the basic hour angle dials, equatorial, armillary, and case study
chapter 10        polar dials, and case study
chapter 11        meridian dials are like polar dials in many ways
chapter 12        the horizontal dial
chapter 13        the vertical true south/north dial
chapter 14        the general model for almost all hour angle dials
chapter 15        the vertical recliner, common on pyramid faces and roofs
chapter 16        the vertical decliner, common on walls, facing mostly the equator or pole
chapter 17        the vertical great decliner, facing mostly east or west
chapter 18        the inclined decliner part 1, introduction, and the steep inclined decliner
chapter 19        the inclined decliner part 2, the shallow inclined decliner
chapter 20        cube dials
chapter 21        altitude dials
chapter 22        azimuth dials
chapter 23        dial furniture  ~ calendar or declination curve
chapter 24        dial furniture  ~ Italian, Babylonian, and day of length dial furniture
chapter 25        dial furniture  ~ the Analemma, and the use of “DL”
chapter 26        other interesting hour angle dials, ceiling, polarized, etc
chapter 27        night time dials
chapter 28        glass, brass, and paper dials
chapter 29        buying dials, and then making them work correctly
chapter 30        programming or use of ~ 3D-CAD, vrml, and spreadsheets
chapter 31        programming or use of ~ 2D-CAD, and other languages
chapter 32        older methods ~ DL, the Nomogram, Slide rule, and Dialing scales
chapter 33        extra thoughts and additional information

appendices        the appendices for this book are printed separately, and are free on    however, some key tables are in some
chapters, and an abbreviated appendix is also contained herein.