CUBIC SHADOWS is a PDF book that shows
you how to make a simple horizontal dial, then
the meridian as well as polar, and equatorial
dials are discussed. From this two different
cube dials can be designed. More advanced
SIMPLE SHADOWS, and at 54 pages, a
Cubic Shadows is a free
sample of the main book . . .

This booklet of just under 60 pages consists
of two pages of a STEP BY STEP process,
extracts from the main book,
TIME'S SHADOW for a detailed table of
contents or here for a chapter
index. Cubix
Shadows is one sixth the size of Illustrating
Shadows, but provides a flavor of the main

CUBIC SHADOWS talks of horizontal sundials,
in a do-it-first-then-fix-it-next step by step
process, as well as next discussing what
happens and why it works and then stepping
you through the process. Then it talks of the
vertical dial next, then the polar and meridian
dials, and the equatorial dial. It has a template
for a cubic dial that a handy person can build
in an afternoon. Tables are provided as well
as formulae.

This booklet is free..

I ask you to honor it's copyright. In other
words you may not sell it, nor sell extracts, but
you may copy it and give it away, provided this
web site and the author are credited and the
copy notices retained. If you do that, please
email "
illustratingshadows @ yahoo dot com"
for informational purposes only. You may use
extracts in your work provided the same
crediting is followed. The pictures are done
with CAD, and this booklet is representative of
the quality of the main book, ILLUSTRATING

You also may wish to access the
spreadsheets on this web site. Also the
web page has some links for software you may
like to access.



this includes the book and the
quickShadows spreadsheet for Excel
(which works in Kingsoft and

Below is a cube dial using 4x4 wood
but using photoes of actual dials the
author built. This dial is Phoenix AZ
specific, and usually portable dials
are not longitude corrected, however
since larger dials are usually
longitude corrected, this one is also.
This dial is accurate.
ISBN 0-9765286-5-7               

a 54 page book uses cubicShadows.xls, also see
DeltaCAD's cubicShadows.bas

and the book and all the spreadsheets are
in ZIP form here
(but not on an iPhone or Android.  

Goes way beyond Micro Shadows and Simple Shadows,
includes theory, tables, and templates, 54 pages.    

If you like it, get the free  
Illustrating Time's Shadow
download Cubic Shadows if you want to go beyond the
horizontal dials.
Cubic Shadows also has the Dialling Scales,
Simple Shadows has some things that Cubic
Shadows does not have.