all you need is scisors
(see also
popup dials)
CUTTING SHADOWS is a PDF file that has a number of simple sundials that you
can cut out and have function immediately.

Polar, Armillary (and summer time equatorial), east and west transparent
meridian, and a horizontal dial are included, as well as useful EOT (equation of
time) and longitude and latitude data.  Also has a 3d popup unfolding horizontal
dial and a popup dual dial having both a vertical and a horizontal dial plate!

Or get the popup unfolding horizontal dial just by itself here, it has notes on how
to change the latitude. Or the
double dial popup (vertical and horizontal dial plates
all in one pop up) here.  

This file is helpful when reading Illustrating Shadows because it allows a dial to
be rapidly made and then manipulated to see how orientation affects the

These are a very very few of the dials discussed in ILLUSTRATING TIMES

You may consider downloading
SIMPLE SHADOWS which talks only of horizontal
sundials, in a do-it-first-then-fix-it-next step by step process, as well as
discussing what happens and why it works and then stepping you through the
process. Tables are provided as well as theory. SIMPLE SHADOWS is selected
from ILLUSTRATING SHADOWS, it is in essence a free sample of the main book..

C U T T I N G    S H A D O W S