programming JAVA sundials sun dials
Euler files are here and show how to download the free system, as well as some dial programs for the
horizontal, vertical, and vertical decliner dials, with notes, a read-me first file, and they provide tabular data
as well as graphical depictions.
NOTES which explain what to type in AFTER loading an *.E file; this is because Euler version 7 does not
display COMMENT on load unless you do a couple of extra steps, ALTERNATIVELY the notes  say how to
tell Euler to show those comments.   Animation works very well now for the v-dec and h-dial programs
when using Euler version 7.
EULER FILE      COMMAND              
COMMAND entered may not be the same as *.e name

ahdial.e        ahdial               
almanac.e       almanac              it asks for input
avdec.e         avdec                it asks for data  
hDialGr.e       hdial (33,8,5)       i.e. lat,long,ref          (note:  hdial   not   hdialgr)
hdialtab.e      hdial (33,8,5)       i.e. lat,long,ref          (note:  hdial   not   hdialgr)
vdecgr.e        vdec(33,8,5,-45)     i.e. lat,long,ref,decl     (note:  vdec    not   vdecgr)
vdectab.e       vdec(33,8,5,-45)     i.e. lat,long,ref,decl     (note:  vdec    not   vdectab)
vdialgr.e       vdial (33,8,5)       i.e. lat,long,ref          (note:  vdial   not   vdialgr)
vdialtab.e      hdial (33,8,5)       i.e. lat,long,ref          (note:  vdial   not   vdialgr)

ALTERNATIVELY, do FILE, LOAD and then move the mouse to the ";" after the Euler LOAD command, delete
the ";" and hit
ENTER. This causes the comments to be displayed which have the prompts. Also, animation
is even better now in Euler version 7.
download Programming
Shadows, it is free, and has
many hints to get you up to
speed on many languages