programming python FreeCAD  sundials sun dials
FreeCAD ~ Python     

  • free 2D/3d system
  • programmable using Python
  • several dial python dial programs here ~ hDial, vDial, vDec, pDial, mDial,
    alamanac, winged azimuth (zDial), Shepherd's dial (sDial), cDial
  • the FreeCAD depiction of the Azimuth winged dial is slightly different
    from the DeltaCAD depiction, and both are right

  • they show the gnomons graphically
  • all derived data is also depicted in text
  • the pDial, mDial, and almanac have asr1 data
  • the pDial, mDial, vDial, vDec, and hDial depict calendar or declination
  • notes on FreeCAD

The FreeCAD CAD system is free, supports Python, and is a good CAD system. It is excellent as a free programmable system,
however some drafting tools are a little weak, BUT the team does work bugs seriously, so I give it high marks. It is intentionally
designed as an engine for Python scripts. If you need a free sundial drafting system with sundial programs, this is a very good system
to consider. And for free drafting without programs or scripts, other free options are available.


FreeCAD works on Windows 8 and Vista, and it works without needing extra software. This is a serious contender to other
programmable CAD systems and far exceeds many "free" products, well worth trying it.

Dial programs in Python for FreeCAD specifically for FreeCAD, the zip file has startup notes which are essential in that
they will save you a lot of time
The almanac
using the
macros in
The vertical
declining dial
using the
macros in
Also consider NanoCAD and also
Powerdraw both of which are free
also see NanoCAD
(free)[vbs, js scripts] and

scripts].  All my macros
and programs are free for
NanoCAD, FreeCAD,
PowerDRAW, and
download Programming Shadows, it is free,
and has many hints to get you up to speed
on many languages and systems
This DeltaCAD macro chart, and the same using FreeCAD Python programs: The hour curves near the summer solstice seem to
differ, this is because the programs use different methods to determine the radius for a given solar declination, and also slightly
different declinations. Both are correct!