Antique or collectible sundials or sundial related items
Butterfield dial
France 1675 to 1715 is a ball park date
standard horizontal dial
Biscuit tins with sundials on top
England mid 1950s
Sundial with a noon day gun
Cigarette pack cards
England 1940s and 1950s
Currency with an astrolabe
Postage stamp with a sundial
Dominican Rpublic
Augsburg dial
Germany 1797 and 1843 is a ball park
armillary dial
diptych dial
19th century
portable horizontal and vertical dial
mid 20th century
Boy Scout portable dial
medicinal advertising dials
Frank Buck pocket dials made in late
fun books with sundial themes
an ephemeris from 1773
La Gnomonique 1698
some magazine posters
postcards of sundials
replica of an antique dial, this
replica is an antique itself
antique dipleidoscope, see booklet
a tea tray and a beer can with sundial logos
an antique brass surveyor's compass
a world war II astro compass
collectable kid's wrist watches
Clay figures,
common in seaside
towns in the 1950s
and 1960s, these
have little sundials
on top
The Art of Shadows 1731
Mechanical Dialling ~ 1769
one sixth
dollar with
h-dial dated
February 1776
one third
dollar with
h-dial dated
February 1776